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We've designed our website to make searching for the right candidates for your hospitality and catering roles as easy and economical as possible.

When carrying out our initial market research, we realised that employers were dissatisfied with the industry standard approach to self-service online recruitment advertising. So we decided it was time to rewrite the rulebook.

The catering industry is notoriously fast moving and most employers find they need to advertise frequently for staff. And of course recruitment agencies are constantly advertising catering posts. That's why, with HozpitalityUK, you don't pay per advertisement like on other recruitment websites. Instead, working in close consultation with recruiters, we came up with our adSlotsTM business model.

Here is how it works ...

  1. You register as an employer.
  2. You buy as few or as many adSlots as you think you'll need.
  3. You can then use each of your adSlots as many times as you like to advertise vacancies.
  4. If the same vacancy comes up again, you can quickly repost your ad in one of your adSlots.
  5. If you need to advertise more vacancies than you have adSlots, you can easily buy more.

It's that simple! You only pay for each adSlot once and it's yours to use as many times as you want for as long as you want.

Here is an example:

  1. You buy five adSlots.
  2. You use your adSlots to advertise five positions.
  3. You fill one of your vacancies so you reset (or clear) the relevant adSlot.
  4. This leaves you with one adSlot available for a new advertisement.

We've made it very easy to manage your vacancies on our secure web-based system via a user-friendly interface. The site is equally simple for jobseekers to use, maximising your chances of attracting the right candidates.

Remember, you can reuse your adSlots as many times as you like without having to pay a penny.

Register with us today to start saving money.

Pricing information

Our prices when compared to other job boards and websites are very competitive. Where other websites can charge anything from £50 per post, we charge you the same £50 once for a single adSlot that you can reuse time and time again.

No of adSlots    Price
1 adSlot    £50
5 adSlots    £200
10 adSlots    £300
30 adSlots    £500
70 adSlots    £1,000
200 adSlots    £2,000
200+ adSlots    Please call us

Website features

Below is a list of some of the features available when you use hozpitalityUK

  • Your jobs are automatically posted on major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Your Jobs are automatically submitted to major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask)
  • You can display a list of your jobs easily on your own website
  • We promote your jobs on partner websites
  • We provide you with an easy to use job management tool
  • Tools and features for jobseekers and candidates (e.g. a free CV creator, job alerts, skills matrix builder, etc)
  • And much more ...

We have the best technology team in the business focusing on developing additional useful functionality to help you get the best out of your investment in our platform.

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