Why should I use HozpitalityUK?

If you're a jobseeker, as the site develops you’ll find a wealth of jobs in the catering sector listed, both in the UK and overseas.

If you're a recruiter, either an employer or a recruitment agency, our unique adSlotsTM concept means that once you buy an advertising slot with us you own it for life. You can use the same slots to advertise new vacancies as they come up without paying again.become effectively the owner for life. Plus you can publish ads later at the click of a button, speeding up the process of readvertising.

Will the site include more options in the near future?

Yes, we're currently building phase three of the site, which includes some exciting new facilities. Watch this space.

Is this site fully secure?


We realise that online security is an important concern.

All your personal data will be kept ina secure archive unit managed by Creotec Limited and we use the most advanced technology available for secure transaction processing.

Is this site independent?


HozpitalityUK is a fully Independent job board site, which allows both recruitment companies and employers to advertise jobs directly to candidates online.

Is your limited company based in the UK?

Yes. We're based in Thatcham, Berkshire, at the address listed on the bottom left corner of each page of our site

If you have a specific question that we haven't answered here, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Which software do I need to have to upload multiple jobs at once (for agencies)?

None! You can upload all your job files directly from your PC via Hozpitalityuk.com (70 adSlots required).